Weekly Photography Challenge: Wide Open

I went out to a local park this morning hoping to get  a really great pic using this weeks challenge. I have determined that my camera is smarter than I. I found a really pretty flower and thought I would snap a pic of it. I tried to set my camera on 1.8 or so but it wouldn’t let me go that far, I know that my camera is capable. So, we are stuck with 3. Im sure there is a way to override it but I didn’t have my manual with me to figure it out.  Don’t have time to go back out and retake the pic, not to mention, the weather isn’t going to be nice here the next few days. We are getting 3 inches of rain. That equates to 20 inches of snow. Thank the good Lord above, it is rain!


About 4rozebds

I am a stay at home mom who very recently received her first non point and shoot camera. I am the least creative person I know and am looking for inspiration to bring out any that may be buried deep within me.
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2 Responses to Weekly Photography Challenge: Wide Open

  1. Imelda says:

    That’s a lovely camera you have. f1.8! 🙂
    We are going to have some rain too. Yey!

  2. 4rozebds says:

    Thank You so much!

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