Junie B

Has anyone ever read the children’s series Junie B. Jones? This poor little kindergardener is always getting into trouble. Don’t get me wrong, she is in trouble because of her own choices. I have a niece in kindergarden, my sister has so graciously allowed me to watch her before and after school. ( It is the best way to have a baby! I have been watching her since she was 3 weeks old. I couldn’t love her more if I had given birth to her myself. ) Last week I started reading these books to my niece. It is a great opportunity to talk about some of the situations that Junie B. creates. Things like hiding from adults, playing with things that are off limits, and most importantly, our mouths. OY! I need to take a moment and learn from this little girl. I have three girls, all much older that Junie B and my niece. My youngest is a teenager. 15 to be exact. With all of the attitude she packs, I had forgotten how sensitive she really is. I said something that wasn’t meant to be hurtful, but none the less, was. I have apologized to her. Scripture teaches us to forgive each other, even when we don’t want to. ( kinda like when our moms tell us to make our beds and we don’t want to. We do it because we are told too. ) I think that is where my daughter is at the moment. Her feelings are still hurt.

So, a little life lesson for all of us. Our mouths are our biggest weapons. We need to guard them and use them carefully.

Another little lesson, read Junie B. Jones. She is quite the Dennis the Menace. ( I know Im aging myself ) Reading these books will make you laugh out loud, that is, unless you have no sense of humor or just plain ole’ don’t like kids.



About 4rozebds

I am a stay at home mom who very recently received her first non point and shoot camera. I am the least creative person I know and am looking for inspiration to bring out any that may be buried deep within me.
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2 Responses to Junie B

  1. Stephen says:

    We love to read the books; we listen to them on CDs in the car on long trips.

  2. Connie T says:

    My son loved those books when he was Junie’s age.

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