Happy Easter

He Is Risen!!! Happy Easter Everyone!


About 4rozebds

I am a stay at home mom who very recently received her first non point and shoot camera. I am the least creative person I know and am looking for inspiration to bring out any that may be buried deep within me.
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2 Responses to Happy Easter

  1. He Is Risen Indeed! Happy Easter to you and your family as well. Thank you for stopping by to visit my site and for following. It looks as though you are just getting started. I hope you find this an exceptionally happy experience. I have. I actually have three different blogs (links to the other two are on the site you visited), and I have found, during the year and a half that I have been on here, that most of the other bloggers are friendly, eager to connect with each other, and very helpful..

    • 4rozebds says:

      Thank You so much for your kind words. I am just getting started on my little blog. Im not even totally sure as to what my mission statement is. Rite now, I want to be an encouragement to others, share Christ, and have fun thru pics. I am not terribly creative so looking at the challenges each week have gotten me to try to think outside of the box. I hope you and your family have had a great Easter celebration. It is after all, the best day ever!

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